Julian & Etta Hogate

The Republican changed names and owners many times until 1980 when Julian D. Hogate purchased it. Hogate served as the local editor of the paper since 1888. The Republican was a family operation with help from his wife and two sons. Hogate retired in August 1931 after publishing the newspaper for 40 years.

Pug Weesner2.jpg

Edward J. (Pug) Weesner

Hogate sold the paper to Edward J. (Pug) Weesner who had started at The Republican as a Linotype operator in 1921. He owned the paper until his death in 1974 leaving it to his daughter, Betty Jean Weesner.

Betty Jean Weesner

Betty Jean Weesner worked at The Republican since she was six with her father. She took on the role of editor after her father's retirement in 1961 and became publisher in 1974. She was the long-time publisher until she passed away March, 23 2016. She earned a degree in journalism from Indiana University and has spent her entire life writing, editing, and publishing.

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Betty Bartley

Current Editor

Betty Jo Bartley has devoted many  hours to The Republican newspaper since 2004. She began her journey when Betty Weesner told her to write articles and she has done so ever since. She brings laughter, information and history to the community each week. Growing up on a dairy farm, she knows what it is to work 24/7 as newspaper writers sometimes have to do. She was Assistant Editor while Betty Weesner was alive, only accepting the title of Editor after Weesner's death.  "Even a staff of one has to have a boss," she said. 

Jerry Vornholt

The Boss

In 2019, The Republican found a new owner, Jerry Vornholt. With no experience in the newspaper business, but the same interest in the community as Hogate, Weesner, and Bartley, he worked to improve and expand the newspaper's content, keeping in line with Hogate's goal to "always stand for the best in the life of the community."